Quiz Questions for w/e 5th September

Hello everyone, another Friday quiz for you to try.

Question 5 has been corrected – Jus 7th Sept 2014

[Q1.] Which movie was the winner of the best picture Oscar in 1990, beating “Awakenings”, “Ghost”, “The Godfather Part III” and “Goodfellas”?

[Q2.] Which element has the symbol Sr?

[Q3.] Which song has the following lines as the opening of the first two verses?

I come home in the morning light
My mother says when you gonna live your life right
Oh mother dear we’re not the fortunate ones


The phone rings in the middle of the night
My father yells what you gonna do with your life
Oh daddy dear you know you’re still number one




[Q4.] What brand do you associate with this logo?

[Q5.] What are the names of the two identically dressed little fat men in “Alice Through The Looking Glass”? **This question has been corrected from “Alice in Wonderland” to “Alice Through The Looking Glass” – apologies for the error **

[Q6.] What is the currency of India?

[Q7.] The ice bucket challenge has been going viral on social media – for which disease was this originally for?

[Q8.] Bashful, Sleepy, Grumpy, Sneezy, Happy and Doc.  Who is the missing dwarf?

[Q9.] How many prime numbers are there between 1 and 50?

[Q10.] On 5th September 1984 which state became the last Australian state to abolish capital punishment?


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